"We have gotten so many compliments on you and how professional you are, everyone thought that was the greatest thing--we are all so excited to see the finished product!"  Bethany AuBuchon
We spend hours of intensive editing time to make sure every DVD is enjoyable to watch and crafted to exceed client expectations. Non-linear editors compliment our professional 3-chip digital cameras, wireless microphones, and years of professional experience.  We have never missed an event for which we were booked.
  Brides who do not have a videographer at their event regret it. This is because the efforts of friends and family rarely compare to trained professionals with the necessary equipment and years of experience.
A passion for communicating the story of what  your wedding day meant to you.  We  ensure every client will get no less than our best.  We are members of the St. Louis Videographers Association (www.stlva.com).  We come to meet you because your time is important.
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