Transfers: From: 8mm or 16mm film, Hi8, VHS, VHS-C, mini-DV - Costs: $0.12/foot of 8mm film, $0.18/foot of 16mm film Two hrs. of video to DVD-$15, one hr. of video to CD/miniDV-$10 Video segment to Web video(WMV / Quicktime format) - $30

Disc Copies: From: DVD, VCD, CD   to: DVD, VCD, CD 
Costs: $20.00-first copy, $12-copies 2-10, $10-copies 11-50, $6-copies 51-100 Labeling costs up to $5 extra per disc 

Tape copies: From videotape - To VHS, Hi8 or miniDV, $15 ea.

Call for Blu-ray and High Definition services and removal of camera shake from home videos

(Editing of footage is $30 per hour extra)
We pickup and return originals by hand whenever possible.
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