We recommend working out your video budget and reserving your event six to nine months in advance-- more if you have a popular date. Your video is one of the few things you will have left to remember your wedding day by. The food, flowers and families gathered will be gone. With your set budget, we will work to give you the important parts you want and also more than you expect. Don't skimp on your video; it will help you remember the best part!

Thinking of having a friend or family member shoot your wedding video?  You will need someone with five to eight thousand dollars invested in a good camera, a few professional wireless mic systems to get good sound, a good tripod, a light for shooting at the dark reception, five to ten years experience shooting weddings of everyone in town, along with the ability to frame the shot and keep faces in focus.  Don't forget the back-up camera and equipment in case something goes wrong.  Then all you need is some professional editing software and the creative skill to build an award-winning story using the video shot on your wedding day.  After that you build a custom DVD menu, create the case design, and author the disc.  Simple as that, you've got yourself a great wedding video.  Make it easy on yourself and allow us to help you remember the best part.  

With Video Memories you can relax and enjoy your wedding without worrying what your friend did not get on camera.  Relive the parts of your day that you forgot, see the parts that you missed, and share the emotions of your wedding day. We will work with you to plan coverage of your wedding so that you get to see everything, but you don't see us. We will be positioned in the background to capture events from the best angles. If we are in view, we will be still, not distracting others. You will not see us running down the center aisle, walking in front of family members or talking during the ceremony. You will see a great video with style and class.

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